Liberal Religion

2019-04-22 liberal religion



Production Notes:

I didn’t know Muff was religious, did you? Seriously, though, it is nice to know that not all religious people think I am going to burn in hell. It is easier to have a relationship with someone who isn’t imagining you writhing in agony, don’t you think?

This is our grand re-opening! I am working hard on polishing the characters, making them easier to pose and interact. I have also improved the perks you get by becoming a patron. Go to Patreon to see the offers. I think they are amazing, and I’m not biased in the least.


Thatch: If you’re religious, you must think being gay dooms you to hell.

Muff: No, love doesn’t doom anyone.

Thatch: But you believe that abortion is baby murder!

Muff: Of course not. A puppy is not a puppy until it’s born, and a bitch has rights over her own body and what’s in it.

Thatch: Right, right… So did a Supreme Being create life, or did everything evolve?

Muff: Both, I guess.

Thatch: I don’t think that makes sense.

Muff: There’s your problem. It makes perfect sense, if you don’t think about it.

2018-11-05 Muff on voting

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