2019-04-29 piggy

Production Notes:

I’m not an expert on Yiddish, but as I understand the word, a schlemiel is an awkward and classically incompetent person who always falls into unfortunate situations. It fits.

You may have noticed a slight difference in Muff. I didn’t think their eyes stood out enough, so we are trying a different color. Let me know what you think; extra points if you find the little mistake in the first panel.


Muff: Who’s the pig in a suit?

Thatch: That’s our president.

Muff: It is? He’s not a pig?

Thatch: Nope.

Muff: Are you sure?

Thatch: Look there.

Muff: Oh, yeah—pigs have bigger hands. That poor guy.

Thatch: Poor? How do you figure?

Muff: Well, you know how a high school might elect the least popular student to be homecoming king or queen, to give them something to feel good about?

Thatch: I suppose. Oh, like on that South Park episode. You think it was a pity election?

Muff: How else could you explain it?

Thatch: Huh, I guess so. What a schlemiel.


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