Trans Plant

2019-06-10 trans plant



Production Notes:

If you never fail, it means you’re not trying to succeed. Muff didn’t make the photosynthesis cut, but they have more ideas. Don’t count them out. Don’t worry; global warming might not kill us all. Yeah, we’ll be fine. I look forward to your comments.

On the production side, what I have been learning doesn’t show much in the finished product. Most of it is behind the scenes stuff, although I think the lighting looks better, don’t you?


Thatch: Your green is fading.

Muff: It wasn’t working out.

Thatch: No? It seemed so promising.

Muff: Turns out I would have to stay out in the sun 40 hours a day to make a difference.

Thatch: That’s almost all day!

Muff: Right? Also, I’ve been giving myself hay fever.



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